YFU Turkey

YFU Turkey has been initiated in 2006 by YDA-Youth Development Association with the help and mentorship of YFU Denmark. The first exchanges have started in 2007. Even though YFU Turkey was a young YFU organisation, YDA being an experienced youth organisation helped YFU Turkey to develop quite fast.

YFU Turkey’s head office is located in Ankara, at one of the central districts of the city. Besides the head office, there is also an office in Istanbul. There is a National Director, 2 full time program coordinators and 1 full-time projects coordinator working in YFU Turkey offices. The office staff is being supported by international and local YFU volunteers. YFU Turkey has regional representatives in some other cities, such as Izmir.

The exchange program in Turkey will offer you many opportunities to learn about Turkish culture and life. YFU Turkey will organize activities for you to have a better exchange experience and we will do our best to help you while you are in Turkey.

We hope that you will always consider Turkey as your second home and yourself as a part of our family.