Tips and Reminders


YFU Turkey will organize 3 orientations during your exchange year and try to ensure that you benefit from your exchange experience in a most efficient way via those orientations.

On arrival orientation: As soon as you arrive you will attend the on-arrival orientation, which will help you to learn more about Turkish culture, language and how to handle challenges you may face during your exchange year.

Mid-term orientation: In the middle of the year, when the schools closed for semester holidays, you will come together again in order to evaluate the first half of the year and figure out what else you may need to enjoy your experience more.

Re-entry: Before leaving Turkey, you will have another chance to come together and get prepared for going back home, which would be your new challenge at the end of the year.


Language Support

YFU Turkey will arrange you a language support as a part of your on arrival orientation, in order to accelerate your process of learning Turkish, which might help you a lot during adaptation process.


Cultural Heritage Program (CHP)

As a part of your program, YFU will organize visits to 3 important cultural areas that would help you to see how heritage connects many different cultures. You may check special brochure for the CHP to get more information about those visits.


Contact person

You will have a YFU volunteer as your contact person, whom you can talk about your experience and challenges. S/he would help you to understand more about the culture and the things you may not be used to.



You should be aware that YFU Turkey does not allow you travel alone, unless your natural parents have permitted you by signing the travel permission form.


Alcohol and drugs

In Turkey, it is forbidden to use alcohol and tobacco products for young people under 18. Using drugs has no tolerance at all and may result in serious legal incidents. We are sure that you are already aware of these issues and would never like be in such position that may result in at least an early return as well as the legal results.


Office staff

You can always contact YFU Turkey office whenever you need help, or for just to check if everything is ok with us without thinking of any reason.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon…